New human papillomavirus vaccine.

New human papillomavirus vaccine


    Noi tratamente sistemice în infecţia cu HPV New human papillomavirus vaccine. Human papillomavirus vaccine guidelines Human papillomavirus vaccine mode.

    What are the most common side effects? Is the vaccine safe?

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    Medicines regulatory authorities can carry out inspections to make sure that the information the vaccine developer provides is trustworthy. They can also run tests to make sure that the batches of vaccines released onto the market are of the expected quality and have been manufactured correctly.

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    The companies are required to conduct stringent testing, for which the acceptance criteria are pre-defined by the authorities, on each batch of vaccine released onto the EU market. Related content This video is available in 24 EU languages.

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    Turn on subtitles in your language. Authorisation of medicines in the EU All medicines must be authorised before they can be marketed and made available to patients.

    How EMA evaluates medicines EMA is responsible for the scientific new human papillomavirus vaccine of applications for centralised marketing authorisations in the European Union.

    From lab to patient: journey of a new human papillomavirus vaccine Follow the journey of a medicine for human use assessed by EMA in this interactive timeline.

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    Benefits of vaccinating Vaccines prevent diseases that could otherwise cause serious health problems, permanent disability or even death. Vaccine effectiveness A vaccine's ability to prevent a specific disease determines its effectiveness.

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    How vaccines work Each virus and bacterium triggers a unique response in the immune system involving a specific set of cells in the blood Decisions on vaccines in use in different European countries Individual European countries decide which vaccines should be part of their national vaccination programmes and funded by their national health systems.